Our Coaches

Shannon Fox

Years Jumping: 35
Favourite Experiences: Travelling and competing all over the world,
coaching athletes to achieve their personal goals and watching them grow and improve over the years, opening our own jump rope facilities
Currently Teaches: Competitive Group 1, Speed Intensive, Adult Freestyle, and oversees everything as the Head Coach

Amanda Taylor

Years Jumping: 27
Favourite Experiences: Travelling the world with the team and the friendships that come with it. Although Amanda is proud of the medals that she has won and the records that she has helped set, she now enjoys helping athletes achieve their own goals.
Currently Teaches: Competitive Group 2

Brittany Harding

Years Jumping: 26
Favourite Experiences: Competing at her first World Championships in Toronto in 2006 and meeting athletes from all over the world, winning bronze at Grand Worlds for Double Dutch speed, performing at Toronto Raptors Halftime Shows
Currently Teaches: Competitive Group 2, 15 and under Recreational, and Family classes

Taylor Thompson

Years Jumping: 19
Favourite Experiences: Setting the national record for 30 seconds speed in 2013, being the flag bearer for the closing ceremonies of the 2012 FISAC World Championships in Florida, crushing pairs freestyle with Matt Delorey at the 2014 World Jump Rope Championships and winning 2nd overall at Grand Worlds.
Currently Teaches: Freestyly Intensive and Private Lessons

Kaitlyn Simpson

Years Jumping: 17
Favourite Experiences: Placing first at Grand Worlds in 2015 for single rope pairs freestyle with Eilea Given, travelling to Kenya in 2013 to support the development of jump rope teams in Africa, being the lead jump rope artist for Flip Fabrique’s Crepsecule, a circus show based out of Quebec City, in 2016.
Currently Teaches: Competitive Group 2 and Adult classes

Matthew Delorey

Years Jumping: 27
Favourite Experiences: Crushing pairs freestyle with Taylor Thompson at the 2014 World Jump Rope Championships and winning 2nd overall at Grand Worlds

Elisa Casella

Years Jumping: 13
Favourite Experiences: Starring in promotional videos with TVOKids and Jump Rope for Heart to promote jump rope among youth, representing Canada at the 2016 World Championships in Sweden, travelling to Norway in 2019 for the World Jump Rope Championships as a competitor and a freestyle judge
Currently Teaches: Freestyle Intensive class

Samantha Kupis

Years Jumping: 12
Favourite Experiences: Representing Canada at the FISAC-IRSF World Rope Skipping Championships in Sweden in 2016, winning the Team Overall National Champion title in 2017, setting national records in Double Dutch Speed Relay 3×40 and Single Rope Speed Realy 4×30 with teammates
Currently Teaches: Freestyle Intensive class

Charline Leblanc

Years Jumping: 7
Favourite Experiences: Getting off the bench, picking up a rope and taking control of her health, meeting amazing people in the Jump Rope Community, competiting and winning 2 silver medals at the 2019 World Jump Rope Championships in Norway
Currently Teaches: Pre-Competitive and Adult Competitive classes