Recreational Classes (Under 10 and Under 15)

Join in for 60 minutes of fun! Participants will develop jump rope skills through fun activities and games individually and in groups. This class is full of heart-pumping exercises that will also help the athletes to develop their physical literacy. Our programs will also help to promote self-confidence and positive self-esteem as well as co-operation. Includes achievement buttons, achievement booklet, and end of session performance.

Adult Classes – Freestyle and Fitness (16+)

This is a 60-minute adult class where you will learn a variety of jump rope skills; such as footwork, arm actions, double unders, power skills and much more… The class is geared towards beginners to advanced participants and will be a great cardio workout for all. We will also work on some group jump rope skills like double dutch. Jump rope is an excellent way to increase strength and endurance for other everyday activities.


Pre-Competitive Classes

Our Pre-Competitive program is open to participants who have successfully completed Level 4 of the CANSkip Skill Development Program. During this 60-minute class, participants will continue to develop their skills, as well as prepare for their first jump rope competition. Competition preparation includes; speed and power events and an individual freestyle routine. Towards the end of the season, participants will be given the opportunity to compete in regional and/or provincial events. This program is a season-long commitment (September – June).


Competitive Classes

The Jumpsations Competitive Rope Skipping Team is where we started and was established in 2000. The competitive jump rope community is unlike most competitive sports environments, we are indeed a family. Athletes compete individually as well as with a team, encouraging cooperation and teamwork. Some highlights for our competitive athletes are; the challenge and reward of competition and learning new skills and the strong bond that they make with their teammates and the friends they make from around the world. New members of the competitive team are selected through our Pre-Competitive Program. This is a year-long commitment with a minimum of 3-4 hours of practice per week.