About Us

We offer both recreational and competitive jump rope programs for children and adults.

Jumpsations offers a non-competitive, recreational skipping program for children and adults of all ages. This program provides opportunities for new and developing skippers to actively participate in the sport of jump rope. The recreation program is carefully structured so that jumpers from novice to intermediate abilities are able to see measurable progress in their skills. Jumpers receive superior instruction from the competitive athletes and coaches at Jumpsations Rope Skipping, some of whom are past or current provincial and national champions. Instructors help jumpers learn new freestyle tricks and encourage jumpers to improve their speed using a variety of ropes (single, long rope, double dutch and partner skills). To participate, a jumper only needs to have running shoes and a love of skipping. We provide the fun!

Jumpsations is equally accomplished in building a thriving and successful competitive and pre-competitive program. Our pre-competitive athletes train 1-2 times per and compete at local tournaments. Our competitive athletes train 2 or more times per week and compete in ORSO and RSC tournaments at the regional, provincial, national and international levels. There are also opportunities for these competitors to travel to the United States and beyond for tournaments and demonstrations. Jump rope is a distinct sport as each athlete can compete in team and individual events. The team competition uses both the single and double dutch ropes. The events are a mixture of speed and freestyle. These athletes become adept in the skills of teamwork, perseverance, and communication as a result of creating and perfecting their group routines for competition.

On our competitive roster, Jumpsations boasts both current and past Provincial and National Champions, as well as athletes and teams holding current Canadian records in speed and power events. Moreover, our club is home to athletes who earned the right to represent Canada at World Championship most recently in Tampa, Florida (2012), Hong Kong (2014), Sweden (2016), Norway (2019).

As part of our community-based philosophy, we also perform demonstrations at local events as well as at businesses and schools.